Relinquished core material from the UKCS and the North Sea provides a unique geoscience resource which we aim to make available to the wider geoscience community. This includes providing core for education, research and science outreach to schools, universities and STEM ambassadors. We also supply material for geological collections, display, research and training purposes to individuals and commercial organisations

We have a range of core material available, all of which is donated from companies who have relinquished, abandoned or decommissioned fields in the North Sea and the UKCS. While we do not create a directory of material, we recommend using the British Geological Survey UK Continental Shelf Offshore Hydrocarbon Well Collection to view scans of equivalent core material to help with your search. 

Our core store is located in Aberdeen and we arrange for suitably priced shipping, wherever you are in the world. Local pick ups are also encouraged. 

Selection of core material in the North Sea Core store.

Diagram of main core cuts from the OGA PON 9 documentation.


Core material is cut down the length of the core barrel and can either be a half, a third or a quarter of the original core diameter. Core is available in lengths of 3 ft/1 m or by the 10 ft/3 m box, but can be shorter if sections have been removed for analysis. Core is vital in understand subsurface geology and making the link between wells and remote sensing data.


Slabs of core are produced by cutting down the length and through the middle of the core barrel, and then are typically preserved in resin. Resinated core slabs are usually available in lengths of 3 ft/1 m. They are particularly useful in displaying the sedimentary structures and lithological variations.

List of core material available from North Sea Core, please scroll for info. Depths listed are approximate and cover a range of cut and slabbed core material. While this list is kept as up to date as possible, please contact us for more information.

Location map of available core material, for more information click on a well icon or refer to the core spreadsheet. Created with ArcGIS Online and the OGA Open Data resource.