In looking for ways to upcycle core material, we found they can make fantastic gifts, unique pieces of art and help preserve a wonderful record of the UK offshore geoheritage! 


Whether you are a geoscientist, or just interested in the natural world, this is a great opportunity to acquire material that preserves a record of Earth's history located kilometers beneath the waters around the UK, particularly the North Sea. If you are associated with the energy industry, you now have the chance to have your very own piece of core from a field you may have worked on, or a well you may have drilled.


For those who are interested in having a unique piece of geological history for their homes, we work with a skilled joiner in Aberdeen to frame resinated core slabs. We recommend a solid oak frame which compliments the material, but we are happy to discuss alternative designs and materials. If you are interested in acquiring slabs to frame yourself, we are also able to supply them as is.


Make your event memorable with core material as gifts and prizes for conferences, courses and meetings. We can supply a variety of hand samples or framed core slabs, with presentation boxes, event logos and a paper record of well information.


Single to multi-core displays provide a unique way to exhibit North Sea geology in an office or lobby. We work with skilled designers and carpenters to create displays based on your requirements. Maps, geological histories and additional metadata can be supplied to augment the core material chosen.

Core gift
Multiple framed core slabs for display

Framed core slabs, speaker gifts and cores for office displays.

Cost list of core material, please contact us for a more comprehensive quote. Shipping costs will be estimated once all material selected.