Having access to physical core material is invaluable in the teaching and understanding a practical subject like geology. They can also be a great way to increase your own geological knowledge or help to explain what a geoscientist does to family and friends. 

While the core material available is from the energy industry, the geology recorded can be used for understand the principals of stratigraphy and sedimentology, to investigating future energy needs such as carbon capture and storage (CCS) and geothermal energy.


Hand samples are available from a range of stratigraphic intervals or can be selected based on a well preference. Requests for larger collections of hand samples will also be considered and curated based on proposed specifications. 


A variety of core slabs are available from a range of stratigraphic intervals or or wells. They are usually preserved in resin, although the type and quality of resin will vary depending on the age of the sample. Core slabs display a range of stratigraphic and sedimentary features and are useful if space for geological samples is limited.


Requests for core material for use in education or research projects at any academic level are encouraged. We can accommodate requests for anything from hand samples for thin section, to boxes of core for sedimentary logging. Access to relevant metadata, such as petrophysical logs, can be supplied depending on availability.

Selection of core slabs

Selection of hand and slabbed core samples.

Cost list of core material, please contact us for a more comprehensive quote. Shipping costs will be estimated once all material selected.