Selection of links to educational websites, geoscience activities and organisations to help provide activities and ideas. We also recommend you visit the Geoscience Online Teaching Resources google spreadsheet created by Prof. Julia Libarkin, with many, many contributions from across the world of Geoscience. 

Discover Geology with LEGO

A Lego based activity created by Dr. Stephanie Zihms to communicated how geologists use outcrop and core data to understand the subsurface, including synclines, anticlines and a simple oil reservoir.

Earth Exploration Toolbook

Collection of online Earth system science activities with scientific data sets and analysis tools that enables users to explore some aspect of the Earth system.

Earth Learning Idea (ELI)

Extensive catalogue of activities across the earth sciences to support teachers in all levels of education and in number of languages. Additional educational resource links, blog, research and publications.

Earth Science Education Unit (ESEU)

A national provider of CPD in Earth science to UK teachers with an extensive list of teaching resources.

Education GeoSource

Compilation of geoscience education resources from a variety of organizations, providing free Earth and Space Science resources, from lessons to outreach and teacher professional development. Supported by the American Geosciences Institute (AGI).


A free educational outreach project for schools developed and run by the School of Earth & Environmental Sciences at the University of St Andrews, with a sister project at University College London.

Geological Society of London Teaching Resources

Collection of free educational resources from the Geological Society of London, includes rocks and fossils, geological hazards and geological time.

International Association for Geoscience Diversity (IAGD)

An organisation dedicated to creating access and inclusion for persons with disabilities in the Geosciences through a range of resources and research available to academia, industry and the public. Includes the Diversity in Geoscience UK (DiG-UK), a newly-established UK chapter of IAGD as the Geological Society of London.

International GeoScience Education Organisation

Aims to promote geoscience education internationally at all levels while enhancing the quality of geoscience education and raising public awareness of geoscience. Includes teaching activities (links to Earth Learning Idea), learning best practice and free geoscience textbook resources

Teach Earth Science

A range of earth science activities and resources for 8-14 year old school students. Created by the Science Partnership which is a collaborative project lead by the California State University, East Bay and the Alameda County Office of Education.

Teach The Earth

Online resources for educators in the geosciences and related fields, include classroom activities, course descriptions, information about pedagogical strategies, topical collections, and more. Managed by the National Association of Geoscience Teachers with support from the Science Education Resource Center (SERC).

Open University Geology Toolkit

An interactive Geology Toolkit by the Open University, featuring a geology timeline, rock analyser, rock cycle, landscape features and safety tips.