Having access to physical rock samples is invaluable in understanding a practical subject like geology. Therefore we think relinquished core material from the North Sea can provide a unique resource to those who teach or communicate geoscience. We aim to provide material for education, for free or at cost to schools, universities, STEM ambassadors and those who undertake science communication. Please contact us at with your request or for more information.


We can accommodate requests from anything from individual hand samples to boxes of core for sedimentary logging. We will also work with you to provide suitable teaching material and access to relevant metadata to support your activities, such as geological reports and petrophysical logs. Requests for core material in research projects at any academic level are also encouraged.


Hand samples of representative core are curated into 'Exploration Boxes' that give a cross section through key geological areas or which focus on a specific geological theme. We are always looking to present the core material in accessible and informative ways, so watch this space! 

Our Exploration Boxes investigates on the petroleum systems of the North Sea and contains five core samples, including a Rotliegend sandstone, a oil-stained and a water-wet Brent sandstone, a Kimmeridge Clay source rock and a Mudstone seal. Accompanying the box is an information sheet on the geological history and the petroleum systems of the North Sea.

So far our boxes have been generously sponsored by the Petroleum Exploration Society of Great Britain (PESGB), the Petroleum Group of the Geological Society of London and the Oil and Gas Authority (OGA). We are continually seeking funding to create additional boxes, in order to make this resource more widely available and fulfill all the requests on our waiting list.


We are investigating the exciting opportunity to provide rock kits, to enable the onshore geology of the UK to be investigated and compared with the offshore geology provide by core from the North Sea. Look out for future updates!

Exploration Box
Bioturbation within the Ness Formition
Ness Formation
Research samples

Selection of core material for educational resources, including an exploration box , a variety of hand samples and boxes of core for research.