We are always looking to present core material in accessible and informative ways! This includes curating selected hand samples of core into Exploration Boxes, which focus on specific geological themes or are representative of key geological areas. In addition to a range of core samples, information posters are provided and material is presented in boxes made from recycled core pallets.

To date our boxes have been sponsored by the Petroleum Exploration Society of Great Britain (PESGB), the Petroleum Group of the Geological Society of London and the Oil and Gas Authority (OGA). We continue to seek funding to make these resources more widely available and fulfil requests on our waiting list.



This Exploration Box contains five core samples from the North Sea, including a Rotliegend sandstone, a oil-stained and a water-wet Brent sandstone, a Kimmeridge Clay source rock and a mudstone seal. The box is accompanied by an information sheet on the geological history and petroleum systems of the North Sea.



The Brent Group of the North Sea is an acronym for the Broom, Rannoch, Etive, Ness and Tarbert Formations. This Exploration Box contains 5 core samples from each formation, with an info sheet illustrating the depositional history of the Middle Jurassic delta system. The box is available with either the core set in resin for display, or loose to allow examination. 


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Petroleum Geology Exploration Box

Current range of Petroleum Geology and Brent Exploration Boxes available.

Cost list of core material, please contact us for a more comprehensive quote. Shipping costs will be estimated once all material selected.