For both professional and amateur geologists alike, there is nothing quite like holding a piece of geological history in your hand. Therefore we provide core material for interested individuals, whether you want to further your geological understanding or renew your acquaintance with a specific field or well. Please contact us at with your request or for more information.


Representative hand samples of core are a great way to increase your own geological knowledge or help to explain what you do to family and friends. We can supply a range of hand samples based on stratigraphic interval or well preference. We also have resinated core slabs which are suitable if storage for geological samples is at a premium. 


Requests for larger collections of hand samples will also be considered and curated based on proposed specifications. Access to relevant metadata can also be supplied to support the use of the core material, depending on availability.


For those who are interested in having a unique piece of geological history for their homes, we work with a friendly and skilled joiner in Aberdeen to frame resinated core slabs for display. We recommend a solid oak frame which compliments the slabbed material, but we are happy to discuss alternative materials. If you are interested in acquiring slabs to frame yourself, we are also able to supply them with recommendations.

Hand sample
Slabs of Zechstein and Rotliegend

Selection of core material for personal collections, including core hand samples and framed core slabs.