Selection of links to educational websites, geoscience activities and virtual geological resources that could be used with your core material, such as understanding what geology may look like in outcrop or under the microscope, to how we understand the subsurface.

Discover Geology with LEGO

An Lego based activity created by Dr. Stephanie Zihms to communicated how geologists use outcrop and core data to understand the subsurface, including synclines, anticlines and a simple oil reservoir.

Virtual Microscope

The Virtual Microscope for Earth Sciences Project has a vast selection of virtual thin sections and accompanying hand samples from collections that are currently held in museums, universities and other institutions around the world.


Online collection from the British Geological Survey (BGS) with an incredible selection of geological and earth science related images, including hand specimens, photomicrographs, examples of borehole data, sedimentary and structural geology and so much more.


eRock is a virtual geology project led by Adam Cawood and Clare Bond at The University of Aberdeen. This project aims to provide open-source geological data and visualizations for fellow researchers, educational institutions and the general public.


GeoBus is a free educational outreach project for schools developed and run by the School of Earth & Environmental Sciences at the University of St Andrews, with a sister project at University College London.

Earth Learning Idea

A extensive catalogue of activities across the earth sciences to support teachers in all levels of education and in number of languages. Additional educational resource links, blog, research and publications.

Teach Earth Science

A range of earth science activities and resources for 8-14 year old school students. Created by the Science Partnership which is a collaborative project lead by the California State University, East Bay and the Alameda County Office of Education.

International GeoScience Education Organisation

Aims to promote geoscience education internationally at all levels while enhancing the quality of geoscience education and raising public awareness of geoscience. Includes teaching activities (links to Earth Learning Idea), learning best practice and free geoscience textbook resources


The following links are useful to look for data on the UK Continental Shelf, become familiar with the geological terminology used in the North Sea or how to describe how core data is used to understand the subsurface.

OGA Offshore Interactive Map

Web based ESRI map showing the Oil & Gas Authority (OGA) data of the UK Continental Shelf. Searchable and includes wells, seismic data, hydrocarbon fields and discoveries, licence rounds and awards, offshore boundary polygons and geological related data that can be turned on as layers.

BGS UK Continental Shelf Offshore Hydrocarbon Well Collection

A searchable database of the offshore wells across the UK Continental Shelf. This collection held by the British Geological Survey (BGS) contains >300 km of scanned core material and >4.5 million cutting samples from ~8000 wells. Material can be searched for by any combination of well name, operator, depth range, sample type and metric or imperial units. 

BGS Lexicon of Named Rock Units

The Lexicon database provides definitions of terms that appear on the British Geological Survey (BGS) maps and publications. Searches can be performed using full or part-names of rock units.


Useful references on the regional geology and hydrocarbon systems of the North Sea, including those used to construct this website. Where possible, links to open access material have been listed.

BGS Lithostratigraphic Nomenclature of the UK North Sea (1992-1994)

Revision of the existing UK North Sea lithostratigraphical nomenclature and the establishment of a new standard scheme by the British Geological Survey (BGS) and the United Kingdom Offshore Operators Association (UKOOA). 

Millennium Atlas: Petroleum Geology of the Central & Northern North Sea (2003)

Geological and petroleum atlas written by a collaboration of the Geological Society of London (GSL), the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS) and the Norwegian Petroleum Society (NPS). Funded by and based on data supplied by the oil and gas industry.

GSL Memoir 20: United Kingdom Oil and Gas Fields Commemorative Millennium Volume (2003)

The Geological Society of London Memoir Number 20 written by geologists and and geophysicists, from both industry and academia, who work on hydrocarbon fields and discoveries across the UK Continental Shelf. These including the North Sea and contain information on the tectonic and stratigraphic framework, as well as stories behind the major plays and discoveries.

Tertiary Deep-Marine Reservoirs of the North Sea Region (2015)

The Geological Society of London Special Publication Number 403 that focuses on the regional depositional setting of these deep-marine systems, stratigraphic and palaeogeographical context for exploration, and their development case histories. 

BGS Report CR/15/124: Palaeozoic Petroleum Systems of the Central North Sea/Mid North Sea High (2016)

Report by the British Geological Survey (BGS) on the the Carboniferous and Devonian petroleum systems of the Central North Sea and Mid North Sea High area. Published on the Natural Environmental Research Council (NERC) Open Research Archive.