We can provide a range of teaching and training tailored to group size, location and academic level. These events are great informal session to learn more about the North Sea and offshore UK geology, while being exposed, either virtually or physically to a range of core material.

Please Contact Us if you are interested are interested in the material available, to discuss a potential seminar or workshop, or in the option to include a field trip.


We are fully digital and can provide training and workshops online anywhere in the world. This can be in using material chosen and sent by us or using online resources. 


If storage space is an issue, you can rent our core material for however long you need. This can work well if you are interested in a certain well or stratigraphic unit, or would like us to deliver training on the rented core material.


Members from North Sea Core CIC will be present to guide participants through core material, relevant log  data and geological interpretations, as required. The opportunity to acquire hand samples of core at the end of the workshop as a reminder of the geology observed can also be provided.


The core workshops can be enhanced with field trips to relevant local outcrops, bridging the gap between onshore and offshore geology. We work with those knowledgeable of both North Sea and local Aberdeenshire geology to select relevant material.


All field trips will be tailored to compliment the workshop specifications. We will work to ensure suitable health and safety precautions are in place and risk assessments are undertaken for all field work. This may involve a requirement for reconnaissance of any unfamiliar locations or to check access.

Selection of core material used in North Sea Core  teaching and training sessions.

Online Seminar with Core Material
Online Seminar with Core Material
Online Seminar
Core Workshop
Various workshop core slabs

North Sea Core online seminars and workshop in action.