Having access to physical core material during the education of geoscience is key and a primary aim for us at North Sea Core. We can supply both half cut and biscuit cut core, in a range of hand samples to slabbed sections

Please check our Geology page for a full list and a location map of the range of core we have available. If you have any questions regarding our material or how we create our teaching sets, please Contact Us.



Requests for core material for use at any academic level are encouraged. We have supplied material to universities and research centres across the world. These have been used in a range of courses and modules, including basin analysis, sedimentary logging and energy systems.


We will work with you to curate core that fits your needs based on what we have available. Access to relevant digital data, such as wireline logs and seismic data, can also be supplied depending on availability.


For the cost of 3-4 staff days we can supply a bespoke teaching or training set, with prices usually starting around £1000 (including shipping). Please contact us with your request and for a quote, we will aim to accomodate you.


If storage space is an issue, you can rent our core material for however long you need. This can work well if you are interested in a certain well or stratigraphic unit.

Core material being prepared for a university teaching set.

Seismic data

Digital data, including seismic and well data are supplied with teaching sets.

Teaching set

University teaching set in use during a sedimentary logging module.


We can provide a range of teaching and training tailored to group size, location and interest or academic level. Our events are a great way to learn more about the North Sea and offshore UK geology, while being exposed, either virtually or physically to a range of core material. 

Please Contact Us to discuss a potential seminar or workshop, or the option to include a field trip.


We are fully digital and can provide online seminars and workshops on a geological topic or North Sea region of your choice. Seminars can be use either a selection of material chosen by us or core previously sent to you. 


Using our own teaching set which spans the whole geological history of the North Sea, members from North Sea Core CIC will guide participants through core material, relevant log data and geological interpretations, as required. The opportunity to acquire hand samples of core at the end of the workshop as a reminder of the geology observed can also be provided.


The core workshops can be enhanced with field trips to relevant local outcrops, bridging the gap between onshore and offshore geology. We work with those knowledgeable of both North Sea and local Aberdeenshire geology to select relevant material. All field trips will be tailored to compliment the workshop specifications and ensure suitable health and safety precautions are in place. 


A selection of core material in the North Sea Core teaching set.

Online Seminar
Core Workshop

A North Sea Core online seminar for Spirit Energy on the depositional history of the North Sea.

A North Sea Core workshop for the Open University Geological Society in action.