Selection of links to virtual geological resources that could be used with your core material, including to help understand what geology may look like in outcrop or under the microscope, to how we understand the subsurface. We also recommend you visit the Geoscience Online Teaching Resources google spreadsheet created by Prof. Julia Libarkin, with many, many contributions from across the world of Geoscience. 


Aims to provide open-source geological data and visualisations for researchers, educational institutions and the general public. Led by Adam Cawood and Clare Bond at the University of Aberdeen.

Earth Science Education Unit Virtual Rock Kit

A database of images of a range of sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic rocks created by the Earth Science Education Unit (ESEU). Includes exposure, hand specimen, close-up, thin section, x-polars and rock in use.


Contains a collection of structural geology images and is sponsored by Tectask, the Commission on Tectonics and Structural Geology of the IUG.


A a repository and viewer for >100 high quality virtual 3D geological outcrops and geoscience models from across the world which are free to use for non-commercial teaching and research purposes. It is a part of a long-term initiative from the Virtual Outcrop Geology (VOG) Group which is based in the NORCE Norwegian Research Centre in Bergen, Norway, and the University of Aberdeen, Scotland. 

Virtual Field Trips

Interactive field trips across the globe on a range of topics run by Arizona State University.

Virtual Fieldwork Project

Contains a number of the field trips run by Ocean and Earth Science at the University of Southampton, with each module including a series of panoramic and 3D images on a range of scales. 

Virtual Landscapes

A range of mapping exercises, 3D geological and topographic maps provide by the University of Leeds.

Virtual Microscope

Has a vast selection of virtual thin sections and accompanying hand samples from collections that are currently held in museums, universities and other institutions around the world.