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North Sea Core CIC was set up in response to the release of core material through the relinquishment, abandonment and decommissioning of oil and gas fields across the UK Continental Shelf. Core provides an incredible resource for geologists and rather than seeing this material fall into disuse or be discarded, we collect, repurpose and redistibute it for use by the geoscience and wider scientific communities.

Please note we are not a repository and do not aim to keep the core we receive in a physical archive. This means that the material we have available is subject to change, and once core from a well has been redistributed, we are unable to source more.

Who Are We



Our aim is to make geoscience accessible to everyone! We provide physical core samples, with suitable digital data where possible, for education, research and science outreach. We also supply to private individuals, consultancies and commercial organisations. Our work was recognised by the Geological Society of London through the R H Worth award, for achievements in outreach, public engagement and education. 


Geologically diverse, core material from the North Sea basins can understand changes in paleoclimate, reconstruct past landscapes and interpret depositional environments. You can find out more about our available core here or the services we provide here.

What We Do


To safeguard all our profits and funding, North Sea Core became a Community Interest Company (CIC) which is a type of limited company set up for social enterprises who have specific social objectives.


We have in place a legal provision called an "asset lockwhich is designed to ensure that all profits generated through our activities are reinvested and used for the benefit of the geoscience community, rather than used as dividend payments.


This provision also means that in the event of North Sea Core CIC ceasing to operate, any outstanding balance will be transferred to an equivalent organisation or charity.



To help us continue our work, we are grateful to receive financial support from our current sponsors Epslog, Equinor, the International Association of Sedimentologists (IAS) and ONE-Dyas.


If you are interested in sponsoring we are open to discussing how we can work with you and your organisation. Why not join our current and past project sponsors by help us preserve this invaluable geological material!

Geoscience Community
Global Distribution




Please be aware that there we often need time to create and complete orders. Estimates include three weeks for labels, 4 weeks for exploration boxes and six weeks for framed core. For large orders, personalisation requests or conference core gifts please provide as much lead time as possible.


To cover storage of core material, processing and handling, we change a nominal amount which will be included in the overall price. Please check our Services page for individual produce prices.


We collect and retain the relevant personal data for the purpose of completing your core request with us. We do not sell on your data to any third parties and you can request the deletion of your data at any time.

Contact Us



We supply core material to schools, universities, organisations and interested individuals, you can use the form below to contact us or reserve core. Alternatively you can contact us at or find us on Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin where we regularly post updates on our work.

Thank you for submitting!

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