The North Sea Core initiative was set up in response to the release of core material by energy companies, through the relinquishment, abandonment and decommissioning of fields along the UK Continental Shelf. Core material provides an incredible resource for understanding the subsurface and it is invaluable to geologists. Rather than see this important part of our offshore geoheritage fall into disuse or be discarded, we are attempting to collect it, transform and upcycle the core, making it available to the wider geological community.


All core material is donated from company samples, not from material held in the British Geological Survey collection. We provide core for education and science outreach, with considerations made for those facing financial hardship. We also supply to individuals and commercial organisations, with any surplus reinvested into the North Sea Core initiative. For more information please see about, check available core or contact us.

This is a voluntary initiative and all work is undertaken in our spare time and that of our team, meaning there can be a delay in replying to messages or providing material. Please note any views expressed are our own and not those of employers, societies we may be affiliated with, sponsors or donating companies.



March 2020

To help facilitate the move to online Geoscience education due to the spread of Coronavirus, where possible we have released data under a CC-BY-4.0 license. Material can now be downloaded from our new data page and from two photo galleries. We have also collated a list of subsurface repositories which holds additional well and core data.

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