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Access to physical core material is invaluable in understanding a practical subject like geology and helping understand the natural world around us. By collecting core no longer required by energy companies in their search for oil and gas, we work to repurpose and redistibute it to the geological and wider scientific communities.

We are located in Aberdeen, UK and will arrange for suitably priced national and international shipping. We also encourage local delivery and pick ups where possible. Where possible, considerations made for those facing financial hardship in educational, research  and outreach requests.


Please view our selection of products or search the material we have available here.


Core Samples


We encourage requests for core material for use at any academic level and have supplied material to universities across the world for use in sedimentology, stratigraphy and basin analysis courses, and more! A variety of core is available from a range of geology intervals or wells, and display a range of sedimentary structures, lithological variations and stratigraphic features. 


We will work with you to curate a bespoke teaching or training set, with core that fits your educational needs, including half cut lengths or hand samples and resinated biscuit cut core. Access to relevant digital data, such as wireline logs and seismic data can also be supplied depending on availability. 



While the core we have available was originally collected during the of drilling of oil and gas wells, the underlying geology it sampled from remains the same. Therefore this core can also be used for investigations into geothermal, carbon capture and storage, existing and future energy technologies and to answer other geological questions. 


We support requests for core material at any academic or research level and can supply anything from a few samples to boxes of core. Access to relevant digital data can also be supplied depending on availability. 



We are always looking to present core material in accessible and informative ways to communicate geoscience! This includes curating selected samples of core into Exploration Boxes, which have specific geological themes or are representative of key geological areas. In addition to core samples, information posters are provided and the material presented in containers made from recycled core boxes. Alternatively we can provide a range of curated core samples based on your outreach requirements.

Petroleum Exploration Box (£125)

This box summarises the regional geology of the North Sea and the petroleum systems and contains the following five core samples;

  • Rotliegend Sandstone (Reservoir)

  • Oil-stained Brent Sandstone (Reservoir)

  • Water-wet Brent Sandstones (Reservoir)

  • Kimmeridge Clay Shale (Source)

  • Mudstone (Seal)

Southern North Sea Box (£125)

This box examines the geology of the Southern North Sea and contains samples of the well-known and less familiar reservoirs in the area, including;

  • Upper Jurassic Oolite (Reservoir)

  • Triassic Sandstone (Reservoir)

  • Permian Zechstein Anhydrite (Seal)

  • Permian Zechstein Dolomite (Hauptdolomit)

  • Permian Rotliegend Sandstone (Reservoir)

  • Carboniferous fluvial sandstone (Reservoir)

Brent Exploration Box (£125)

​The Brent Group of the North Sea is an acronym for the Broom, Rannoch, Etive, Ness and Tarbert Formations, with this box containing the relevant five core samples;

  • Broom (Prograding Fan Deltas)

  • Rannoch (Deltaic)

  • Etive (Coastal)

  • Ness (Deltaic and Coastal Plain)

  • Tarbert (Marine Transgression)



We can provide a range of teaching and training tailored to group size, interest or academic level. Our events are a great way to learn more about the North Sea and offshore geology, while being exposed to a range of core material. Our teaching set spans the whole geological history of the North Sea, members from North Sea Core CIC will guide participants through core material, relevant log data and geological interpretations, as required. The opportunity to acquire core samples at the end of the workshop as a reminder of the geology observed can also be provided.


Workshops can be enhanced with field trips to relevant local outcrops, bridging the gap between onshore and offshore geology. We work with those knowledgeable of North Sea to select relevant material. All field trips will be tailored to compliment workshop specifications and ensure suitable health and safety precautions are in place. 



We can provide online seminars on a geological topic or North Sea region of your choice. Seminars can be use either a selection of material chosen by us or core previously sent to you. 


For those who are interested in having a unique piece of geological history for their homes, we work with a skilled joiner in Aberdeen to frame resinated core slabs. We can supply solid oak frame and aluminum frames which compliments the material, but we are happy to discuss alternative designs and materials. 

Photo frame sized core slabs start from £100

1.5 ft /0.5 m framed core slab start from £150

3 ft/1 m framed core slab start from £250

Please contact us for a quote on multi-core frames